9 Ways to be an Epic Social Media Marketer in the Philippines

  Filipinos are crazy over social networking! Apart from television, it seems as though the internet is one of our guilty pleasures with the average Filipino spending hours in front of the computer each day. With this situation in mind, you really can’t blame business owners as they start to invest ...

What all Filipino SEO Specialists needs to know about Social Signals

Google’s latest Penguin update which also brought about the rise to prominence of social signals as vital search engine ranking factors must have caught SEO specialists the world over by surprise – perhaps including you.

The ‘Less is More’ Principle in Content Marketing

These days, it is so easy for people to suffer from information overload due to the sheer amount of content they have access to. Because of this, it is harder than ever to get people’s attention.

Top 8 Tricks to Make your Social Media Active even when You Don’t Have a Blog

Social media is currently one of the cornerstones of internet marketing.

How Social Media Promotes Collaboration

Social media is not just a great way to build relationships anymore but also a way to foster collaboration online between groups of people even if they are separated by distance. Here are some of the ways that social media help people collaborate.

How to Get More Filipinos to “Like” You in Facebook

The phenomenon of the Facebook “Like” as seen in the marketing site is this: businesses get to know who and how many are patrons and how many are potential customers.

How to Encourage Facebook Shares

I seriously think that there is a competition going on between the Like and Share functions in Facebook.

Harnessing Your Facebook Ads to Attract Filipinos

Facebook ads are utilized by enterprising individuals to conduct research, promote products or services, collect raw data, etc.

FB Ups the Advertising Ante with its New Facebook Offer

Launched early this year on beta as a free service to replace the failed Facebook Deals, the new Facebook Offers will start charging merchants at least $5 to run an offer on their pages.

Online Marketing Statistics in the Philippines

Online marketing is a very powerful tool in the Philippines today.
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