16 Super-Effective Ways of Using Twitter for low-budget Philippine SME’s

  The Philippine Eagle has ceased to become the national bird. It has been defeated by a bird smaller than the Maya and it comes by the name Twitter. LOL.

13 Fatal Mistakes of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

“I’m getting married!” says a status update from your best friend’s Facebook account. It would be your moment as the best man, too! But the post was seen by 500 people and written in one of the comments is: “Juan is my best man.” You are not Juan. A post from a college mate says, “See you ...

Tweak Your Tweet: Top 10 Useful Twitter Softwares to Use

Twitter does not stop at the desktop. Anywhere you go, you can bring it and Tweet away.  Your customers can be hooked onto your every Tweet any hour of the day.  The question is: What are the top 10 Twitter softwares that you can use in order to optimize your use of this microblogging website in your ...

Ways to Get Banned from Social Networks

It’s pretty easy to join social network sites.  It’s pretty easy to get banned too.  Your reputation matters because there is a lot of help your business can derive from social networking sites.  If you do not want to get banned from these sites and lose out on internet marketing opportunities, ...

More ways to get the Filipino’s attention in Twitter

If you are going to ask me, there is no doubt about the existence of Twitter-mania in the Philippines.

How Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare Went Viral

Cebu Pacific has become well known for its ‘piso fares’ in which they offer hundreds of thousands of seats to local and international destinations for a base rate of just P1.

The Anatomy of a “Tweet”

Twitter’s definitely a big thing nowadays, especially in the Philippines with roughly 9.5 million Filipino users in the social marketing website.

Cyber Bullying in the Philippines

Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a very real thing –  with millions of people being connected to the internet in the country, everyone can fall prey.

Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online

If you want to make money online, there are only two major ways to do it: one is to monetize your site and the other is to become an affiliate and market a vendor’s products using your site. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods to see how they can be accomplished. Monetizing Your Site This ...

Seven Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you have not Googled your company lately, you may be in for a shock at what you find. Filipinos love to talk, and they may be talking about you and not in a positive way. So now, you’re facing a reputation problem as one negative comment gets picked up in the echo chamber that is the Internet. Now ...
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