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7 Colossal Benefits of Doing Webinars for your Philippine Business

  Web conferencing is a form of communication whereby individuals from different locations can talk and/or see each other while having their boxer shorts on. There is usually a text message option, especially if the medium is a CPU device. The same is made possible by internet connectivity, particularly ...

[HIGHLY PROFITABLE] How to Get Millions of Views in YouTube

  Video marketing in YouTube is a relatively inexpensive way to reach out to a world audience via amateur and/or professional grade videos. This form of social networking is characterized as guerrilla and has the potential to go viral. No, not the guerrilla who fights in the jungle, and no, not ...

7 Creative Ways in Using Vine to Promote Your Brand in the Philippines

Imagine this: you’re thinking hard about the next online-marketing strategy that should be carried out, then someone cheerfully tells you to make a “vine”. You’d most likely end up staring angrily at the person, since you’ll think that you’re being ribbed at the worst possible time.

The art of a viral YouTube video

Sensations are made via YouTube. This proves to be true nowadays. With the rise of local celebrities here in the Philippines to international stardom, I believe that you understand the extent of the potential of YouTube.

Tips on Going Viral with a YouTube Video

Posting videos on YouTube has become one of the most effective methods of getting your message across, particularly when it goes viral.
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