Adobo Magazine – Case Review

6 years after its first issue was published, Adobo Magazine has evolved through hard work and creativity to become an icon in the local advertising industry.

Respected, recognized and read not only by local marketing and advertising practitioners but also by known international advertising giants like Miles Young, Global CEO of the respected international advertising company Ogilvy and Mather, Adobo Magazine has truly achieved what it has initially set out to do – to be a powerhouse in the local advertising industry. With this exceptional feat, Adobo Magazine is to me simply sui generis.

Adobo Magazine’s website. I admit it, the first time I’ve heard their name – I thought it was a recipe book!

As far as I know, magazine publishing in the country is a top task to tackle. Magazines of any kind especially a trade magazine at that do not really last that long unless they are owned and operated by a large, well established publishing house that can absorb losses resulting from low circulation. And even if the magazines become popular at the onset, readership usually die down and circulation start to thin out after a while. Readers often lose interest on the magazine when they see the same type of content over and over again.


However, this is not the case with Adobo Magazine. Starting out as a fledgling trade magazine for the Philippine advertising and brand communication industry in 2006, Adobo Magazine defied all odds and grew by leaps and bounds to be what it long hoped to be – the ‘word’ of the local advertising industry – even without the backing of a large, well established publishing house.


Its local subscription base includes a 20,000 strong army of avid followers consisting of local advertising and marketing professionals – the same group of people responsible for all the ads we see on television, read on printed media, and listen to on broadcast media. Its reach has even gone beyond the country’s borders and spread through the Asia-Pacific region through a network of 400 equally enthusiastic regional distributors.


Many of you may be wondering how this magazine was able to achieve such an amazing feat. I was befuddled too myself. I soon realized that the answers were there all along – in the very people behind the magazine itself. It was their dedication, patience, and hard work topped up with unmatched creativity that made the magazine what it is today – a continuing source of anything and everything about advertising.


Every issue of the magazine never fails to rouse the interest of its target readership. It is not only the best resource for the latest advertising and creative trends both in the local and international advertising world, it is also a continuing source of news on the latest advertising campaigns of known brands all over the world. It eloquently and graphically portrays the current state of the media landscape both here and abroad through industry news and in depth discussions of current issues and more.


Published on a bi-monthly basis, Adobo Magazine has become a ‘must-read’ for every advertising and marketing professional as well as students seeking to develop a career path in this field. Aptly called ‘adobo’ from the internationally famous local food stew of the same name, Adobo Magazine is a mixture of solid advertising ideas, enhanced with a lot of creativity and spiced with dashes of consumer interactions and feedbacks.


Check out their website at:

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