AirAsia Philippines: Reviewing its Recipe for Success

Most people believe that AirAsia managed to become synonymous with success due to its low-cost offerings. While their assumption is in part true, I’d like to point out that the airline’s business triumph is greatly driven by marketing efforts and a proper online identity.

If you’re just beginning to explore the various facets of entrepreneurial pursuits on the web, then you’d surely benefit from learning from about AirAsia’s recipe for victory. Of course, you might be concerned that engaging in a quest for knowledge is difficult. Well, in truth, it could be easily done by reading on.

Gearing up for Christmas sales: One of Airasia’s FB post with a Hawaiian theme promotion. 😀

All about Evaluating Efforts

When asked about the nature of AirAsia’s marketing efforts, my reply is usually composed of a single term: social media. Indeed, the airline company is considered as both a daredevil and a pioneer in online marketing. After all, unlike other firms that cater to those looking for air travel solutions, AirAsia did not rely on print ads and television commercials to widen its customer base. Instead, the company made it a point to take advantage of both Facebook and Twitter’s power in grabbing the attention of consumers. Of course, the firm also has a blog, a YouTube channel, and an Instragram album.

About the Matter of Success

At this point, you’re probably curious about the specifics of AirAsia’s approach to internet marketing. Honestly though, I believe that there isn’t really anything that special with the company’s approach. Simply put, one of the main reasons why the firm’s Facebook page boasts almost two million likes and countless subscribers is that it’s commonly filled with discount offers. AirAsia’s Twitter page on the other hand has the human touch that consumers prefer. This just means that aside from tweeting about corporate updates, the firm also initiates sports discussions and even greets athletes on Twitter.

Discussing Technical Facets

As to be expected, you’d still have one question about AirAsia’s success: did the technical aspects of the company’s official website also help in gaining the trust of potential clients? The answer to such a query is most certainly yes. For one, the firm’s website makes use of HTTP Secure: a technology that is considered by many as among the best means of protecting people from cybertheft. I should probably point out though, that the website does not seem to rely on any other security solution, such as SSL. As for user-friendliness in booking and navigation features, AirAsia’s website would never disappoint.

Learning Marketing Lessons

You should keep in mind that AirAsia’s success is a lesson to budding online entrepreneurs. Indeed, you should never forget about the following:

  • Relying on a single social media hub would never be enough
  • Always provide valuable pieces of information, such as those about discounts
  • It would be advantageous to prove to consumers that your business has a human touch
  • When building a website, you should focus on matters regarding security and ease of use
  • Add high quality images and videos to your social media posts.

All in all, it cannot be denied that AirAsia is among the finest examples of businesses that mainly flourished due to the right internet marketing strategies.

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