AyosDito.ph – Case Review

Many have heard of AyosDito.ph. But what can we internet marketers learn from this business?

When it was launched in 2009, skeptics were quick to doubt how an unassuming new entrant into the Pinoy online classified ads scene can possibly survive when others like it are already well positioned. Fast forward three years later and AyosDito.ph is still here and is gaining more and more popularity for the same reasons that put doubts in the minds of online observers. This online classified ads has not changed in its simplicity through these years, but it has managed to climb its way high up in today’s list of top visited shopping websites in the country.

AyosDito.ph is owned and managed by 701Search Pte. Ltd., a joint venture company of multinational social media companies Singapore Press Holdings and Schibsted. This Pinoy classifieds website is one of several geographically optimized buying and selling sites managed by 701Search Pte. Ltd.. Its sister companies include Mudah.my in Malaysia, Berniaga.com in Indonesia, and Dinkos.com.au in Australia. Schibsted operates several other similar online classifieds sites in the European region. These websites’ main revenue sources are affiliate programs and advertisements.

Check out their new banner with John Lloyd Cruz endorsing the site.


Here are some of the factors to which AyosDito.ph’s success in the realm of internet marketing can be attributed, and many internet marketers can learn from:

  1. Excellent SEO – the simplicity of the website and its content augurs well for SEO. There’s none of the clutter and overstuffing of keywords to turn the search engine crawlers away from the site. The website’s content is geo-targeted along with all its advertising and links its operators have strategically distributed all over the internet. Pinoys definitely do not have any problems getting to AyosDito.ph from the search engine results pages or from any of the websites that they visit.
  2. User-Friendly Features – the layout and design of AyosDito.ph is as simple as it gets. There are filters that allow users to conveniently search for items for sale in their preferred locations and in specific categories. Listings can also be displayed based on their prices. The mere 2 seconds that it takes to load the website is a definite plus especially for those who do not have the patience or the time to wait for minutes before they get the information that they need. There is also no need for users to register except when they are posting an ad to sell something. When customers find what they are looking for, they are free to contact the seller as they wish.
  3. Aggressive Advertising – there is no doubt about it. AyosDito.ph is not skimping on the advertising dollars. Their ads and links are everywhere. Since the website offers all sorts of items to buy and sell, it is not difficult to have their ads appear wherever Pinoy netizens are on the web. Recently, AyosDito.ph has even gone aggressive on offline advertising modes, particularly television advertising. Online observers were wondering how far the advertising budget of the website’s owners can take AyosDito.ph with the overwhelming amount of ads they are putting out. With the website’s performance to date, it seems that their revenue stream is more than capable of sustaining its advertising.


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12 Responses to “AyosDito.ph – Case Review”

  1. Jason says:

    My comment on ayosdito.ph prangkahan na. Nagpost ako ng Ads ang dami ko hinahanap na button tapos pagtapos ma approve may bumili na ngayon naman di mabura ang Ad dito kaya ang dami ko spam sa cellphone na text.

    This is the reality… nakakainis magpost sa inyo

  2. ayos ditos sucks. very inconvinient and not friendly user site. The system too lousy. I got a lot of trouble posting and re posting my ads. u need to wait for Jesus christ before ur ads been approved and published. I would suggest ayosdito shld alter their name into HINDIMAayosdito.com. hahahahaha. This site sucks. sulit.com is a lot better . so easy to post ,edit or repost ur ads. It’s total opposite of ayosdito . lousy site. It shld be abolished…

  3. I beg to disagree to all the features published regarding ayos dito. That ayos dito is user’s friendly, come on. try to post ur ads, it takes several hours to wait. most of the times u gonna wait for nothing. I tried several times reposting my ads. meaning , no alternation or anything, oh my God, u will see ur ads the following day, but if u will check ur email, it says congratulations. How dumb this site! This shld be closed entirely. Useless site for me. It gets me pissed of all the time.

  4. What it lacks are great option for advertisers which is offered by other online ad companies. Aesthetics ang kulang, which is a factor to be be considered for a great ad impression.

  5. Drew C says:

    VERY POOR IN SERVICE AND ADMINS DONT HAVE KNOWLEDGE. I dont even know where they hire their admins maybe mga nagdodota lang?
    Posted several ads but puro violation daw, what funny about this is i only copied it on my previous ads which THEY APPROVED a week ago but when i try to make a new ads which i deleted the old one, may mga violation na daw sa picture.


  6. wow guzman says:

    It should be Walasaayos.ph

  7. gloremar cortez says:

    it is clearly that ayosDito.com is a very useful and inexpensive type of marketing for small and medium enterprise, but do you have case study po ba on how personnal communication like ex. meet-up still more effective compare on dealing sa mga paylink or bank to bank transactions…?

    do you think? pilipino customers ready to have online transaction without have human interactions .

  8. gloremar cortez says:

    i mean having man to mancommunication .

  9. Ayosdito must improve their system cause it’s not really ayos especially when posting ads. It’s very annoying. The images on the preview page which I uploaded from the previous page which I waited for several minutes always disappear. So I need to upload again and again until they appear. WOW! Although it’s FREE but hindi ayosdito man!

  10. Glen Levi says:

    I created an account in Ayosdito in order to post an ad. I tried to post my ad but the site was so user-hostile that I gave up and never used their website ever again. So I posted my ad in Sulit.com.ph (now http://www.olx.ph). It was much easier to post an ad and their search results are better than Ayosdito.

    I think ayosdito just released their website in hopes of stealing and converting sulit.com users to use ayosdito. But in the process, they just made them more loyal to sulit because ayosdito’s website and sytem SUCKS!

  11. Marie Malate says:

    i thought lahat ng pinopost na add sa website nyo eh well approved how come na may SCAMMER na nkapag post sa website nyo. http://www.ayosdito.ph/Nikon+d3100-9769725-1.htm yan yung add ng seller nyo na scammer you should protect all your customers guys.. what can u help sa tao na bogus nyang seller nyo!

  12. JT says:

    Hello. try niyo po buyandsellph.com 🙂

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