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It is not only recognized as the nation’s leading newspaper. It is also recognized as a vehicle of free speech, of the truth, and what’s fair.

Banner advertisements can be seen in the frontpage… But where is Guyito?

Apart from the credibility The Philippine Daily Inquirer maintains, it is also a medium for advertising. Businesses come out to be included in the paper’s pages and on the spaces of its website. This means that while the power of using social networking as an advertising medium, other websites can have the same effect. Let me take you to the different aspects of The Philippine Daily Inquirer (, and see what makes it stand out among its competitors.

Credibility. I mentioned that because the Inquirer is the country’s leading newspaper, it means that more people trust it as a source of daily information. In this regard, the number of visitors the website records is as high as the probability of your advertisement to be seen. The Inquirer’s advertising page boasts a record of “2.5 million unique visitors per month and 30 million page views per month”. If there is a way to ascertain the number of recurring visitors without having to register, the figures may substantially increase.

Global Visibility. Related to Inquirer’s status, your advertisement is delivered to viewers internationally. Unlike other websites, the impression that viewers get by seeing your ad included in the paper’s website gives your campaign credibility. And because it reaches both the Filipino and foreign communities, your exposure is guaranteed. In addition, by local delivery, you have the option to specify the target population you want for your ads by geographic spread. These options are by country, by region, or by city.

Expertise. Before your advertisement is uploaded, you will work with their in-house Account Managers who are experts in terms of advertising. This means that while you have the ad details in mind, they can still help you improve it by tailoring it to get target consumers. This is in contrast to some advertising service providers where the creative and technical part of the advertisement is entirely up to you.

Access to Reports. If you have an active campaign, Inquirer help you get reports 24/7. This allows you to keep track of analytical data in terms of who clicked on your ad, who actually navigated through your page, how they landed on your page, what information visitors specifically asked for, and who among them turned out to be your customers. You will find this feature only in a few online advertising mediums.

Networks. Inquirer has a lot of networks, like the Associated Press, Cebu Daily News, and AFP. This means a huge potential for your advertisement to be spotted through the links established on these networks’ websites. Ultimately, the landing page is your business page.


People may see as merely a website where news can be read. A few advertisers or businessmen are still unaware that it coupled with news, their campaign will have a greater chance of being read because it is alongside information of great interest to its readers.

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