BPI Express Online – Case Review

I admit that I have always been impressed with BPI Express Online. Check out my case study about them after the jump.

It should be pointed out however, that I am not just talking about its noteworthy features as a web-based banking solution. Frankly, I am particularly amazed at how it “effortlessly” managed to become a marketing success even though advertising seems to be not among BPI’s priorities. Of course, for an internet-marketing specialist like me, such a phenomenon warrants further inquiry. If you wish to join me in attempting to discover what makes BPI Express Online a true success, then by all means feel free to continue reading.

The very first time that I used the term “BPI Express Online” as a search string, I immediately realized that there is an abundance of articles about it. After clicking on several posts however, I found out that advertisers are not the ones responsible for the sheer amount of “mentions” about the service. Essentially, most of the links pointed towards BPI Express Online’s website are from pages developed by budding online entrepreneurs and corporations that aim to establish a suitable presence on the web. So far, it seems that BPI’s web-based offering “passively” attained online dominance.

BPI Express Online Frontpage. Cool! Where can I find the Facebook Like Button?

I also stumbled upon a few articles that solely serve the purpose of informing people about BPI Express Online’s various features. Indeed, some are even full-length guides on how to take advantage of the service’s mobile applications. The question at this point though, is this: are such posts significantly “boosting” BPI Express Online’s status on the web? Well, quite probably they are. After all, every link counts no matter how “unknown” the blog might be. Given that the websites that I have come across are not affiliated with BPI, it would be safe to say that the prime banking firm is getting free marketing.

While BPI Express Online is most certainly “triumphant” on the web, I would like to argue that most of its marketing power stems from the fact that BPI is already a household name even before its web-based offer came to be. Furthermore, given that there are countless individuals that rely on the company’s banking services, whether for personal or business purposes, it is only to be expected that netizens would frequently mention and discuss BPI Express Online. Of course, it also helps that the banking service’s website is both really easy to navigate and completely protected from threats.

At this point, we both agree that BPI Express Online is the top web-based banking solution in terms of both search engine ranking and client numbers. Most probably, we also see eye to eye about the rather “passive” manner in which BPI managed to achieve a remarkable online presence for its service. I wonder though, as to what lesson would the average marketer and entrepreneur learn from these pieces of information? Well, focusing on the matter of brands, the following might actually be a fact: the popularity of a brand “off the web” definitely impacts the ease at which it would achieve encompassing success online.

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