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There are a few lifestyle and entertainment guides in the country nowadays but nothing comes in comparison with the – at least not yet.

A website established in 2000, the website has become the most popular source of information about the recent happening around town in the last decade, especially for movies. Still, its popularity continues as it launched the ClickTheCity Lifestyle App for both Android and Nokia users in 2010 and 2011, respectively. It also maintains a mobile platform. How did it achieve such milestone? Let us take a look at the factors in the site and how these factors are effective in internet marketing efforts.



Click the city’s User Friendly Frontpage.

Website Appearance

Description:’s homepage is designed in a simple manner that includes a left navigation section that contains the categories of information it offers. At the heart of the homepage, a slideshow plays presenting the highlights of each event category. The lower portion of the site contains a lot of snippets of information under each category of the latest events. Banners and pictures are distributed on the page as well.

Pros: The general appearance of the site is low-keyed and does not saturate the eyes with colors or images that are painful to the eyes. Visitors will now find neither the color elements nor the layout disturbing enough to stop them from browsing.

Cons: Although the website’s appearance is simple, the layout can still be improved. Each of the categories is listed with additional details about events towards the lower part of the site but because it follows a three-column layout, the categories seemed mixed with the movie trailers and photos.

What it means: With the pros and cons presented above, users can still enjoy undisturbed browsing although they need to really look for the information they need. Then again, the left navigation part and the search locator make the process easier.



Description: The website speaks up to its goal as it offers a lot of useful information in reference to movies, events, food, arts, music, travel, and more. It integrates multimedia in its contents by including sneak peeks for certain movies, the latest offers, and what’s hot.

Pros: Users can get a good deal of content especially if they are looking for specific information like the latest movie releases, which artist plays where, and the listings of restaurants to dine in. Users even enjoy recent information as updates are placed on the websites about the latest deals that users might be interested in.

Cons: In reference to the layout, information can be organized further. Although subheadings are used to mark the categories in the site, content grouping can still be improved in terms of placement in the homepage. For example, all content pertaining to movies can be grouped alongside trailers, movie reviews, commentaries, recommended shows, and screening times.

What this means: The Filipino audience, much like the rest of the world, need to specific information to make informed decisions. The content currently offered by the site is relevant enough to prompt visitors to take action. For example, a section called “Latest Eats!” lists popular dining places and its location.



Their social media icons are too small. :D

Their social media icons are too small. 😀

Description: The website allows business establishments to be included in their listings. It also gives visitors a chance to submit content. A prominent content found in the website are movie reviews and updates about happenings around the Metro. Tools like Get Listed, Submit Content, On Mobile Ordering, and On Privileges allow users to optimize the offers of the website.

Pros: The website offers a fair chance for users to be involved in the happenings citywide. With the focus on events and press releases, users are given the chance to get their businesses known to visitors. In addition, events are updated the soonest so visitors can catch up to activities like exhibits especially those that are offered for free.

Cons: The website does not contain a sitemap that allows users to have a focal point in their navigation. Also, content submission is done separately. Finally, the site does not make visible a part where users can leave comments or suggestions.

What this means: The relative interactivity offered by the website means that it has control over the information it presents. And although the content is relevant to users, the latter do not have the chance to provide suggestions or comments that can improve the website.



Description: The website offers a lot of links that allows users to navigate to specific pages. It also has images and banners that do the same thing. Apart from the links that lead users to

click the city movies

A customized movie page of Click the City – Awesome! 😀

specific pages of event categories, the site also has a main search bar that allows for specific searches.

Pros: The presence of links is necessary in going from one place to another. Using images also gives an idea about what a specific post is about.

Cons: The layout across the pages of the site is not consistent with the homepage displaying a lot of information for visitors. A first time visitor may need to scroll a few times to get the feel of the website as a whole.

What it means: As visitors slowly familiarize themselves with the different elements of the site, they soon know how to navigate it efficiently. It may take some time to get used to the layout of the website though.


Overall, has been satisfying customers around the Metro as its presence is essential towards being informed about what is happening for the week. For people who are taking some time off anytime, they can use the site to plan for their activities ahead of time. This prominence in guiding people is instrumental in making a recipient of distinguishable awards in the Philippines like the Philippine Web Awards when they won in 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2004. In 2005, was inducted into the Hall of Fame under the same award-giving body for its consistent achievement. Apart from that, ClickTheCity is a one-time recipient of the Digital Filipino Web Awards under the Guides/Review Category in 2008. These feats are yet to be achieved by website that caters to the same niche.

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