Harness Your Online Marketing Ads in Sulit

Who hasn’t heard about sulit.com.ph? It’s one of the leading buy and sell websites tailored to the needs of its Filipino audience.



If you are an entrepreneur, and would want to take advantage of the benefits the website offers, let me give you a few tips on how to go about it.


Use the Sulit Shop

This site feature allows users to establish an online shop through sulit.com.ph itself. This means that you have the chance to present the products and services you offer through the help of the website. However, you will need a Google account because your shop will be indexed for easy consumer access through the Internet. So while users are not in Sulit, they still have a chance to stumble upon your online shop by navigating through the links they find.


Take Advantage of Sulit Currency and Sulit Gold

Sulit Currency (SC) and Sulit Gold (SG) are a means for you to obtain an upgrade for your advertising banners. It’s pretty easy to obtain Sulit Currencies. All you need to do is to perform activities relating directly to the website like reading their newsletters, posting and replying to the topic forums, and blogging. This means that for every activity you do within the website, you are entitled to earn an SC.

On the other hand, obtaining Sulit Gold credit has to do with you purchasing credits in order to gain more advertising exposure. This can also be done on top of you earning your Sulit Currencies and using your credits to pay for SGs. One advantage in purchasing an SG is that you will earn points which can be used to make discounted purchases later on. While you are a seller, you will also probably become a buyer at some point. Sulit Gold can be purchased through G-Cash, Paypal, some major banks, etc.


I’m browsing for Nintendo 3DS at Sulit! Lol!

The Advantage of Ad Viewership

This feature is a guarantee. While you use your Sulit Currencies or Gold, your ad will still get viewership. This is on top of you having the ability to create your own ads before it gets published. Here are some tips:

Minimize Words – Limiting your ad to a certain number of words brings out the creative side of you. This means that every word means a lot for your business and prospective consumers. Remember that advertising banners are noticed based on how striking the information is presented.

Tailor It – Remember the concept of analytics? It means that your advertisement content should target a specific population. General content returns general viewership but does not tell you demographic information in order to make your ads more effective. If you are targeting teenagers as your market, then use a language or a deal that appeal to them.

Make It Virtually Striking – An ad, although it contains excellent phrasing, will do poorly if the visual cues are not at all enticing. Choose icons or pictures that represent the intention of the ad and your business goals.

As you can see, what I’ve presented are only few of the ways you can harness your Sulit experience. What more can I say? With these options, your experience is worth it. Indeed, it’s “sulit” in every way.


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