Internet Marketing Lessons from Philippines

Filipino netizens have caught on to the online shopping trend and are now doing more and more of their retail activities online. is one of the growing online deal shopping websites in the Philippines today. Despite some reports in the news about how discount purchases in other deal shopping websites have turned out to be worthless, Philippines still remains to be one of the most trusted by those who are looking for great deals and discounts online. is a social commerce website that specializes in daily discount deals offered to its members. Its partner establishments include restaurants, cafes, boutiques, hotels, spas and beauty salons, specialty shops, and other retail merchants in the countries where they operate. The name Ensogo is a combination of the first syllables of the words entertain, social, and go, encapsulating the lifestyle of their target consumers. A relatively new entrant to the online social commerce world, Ensogo started its Thailand operations in 2009. Its operations in Indonesia and the Philippines soon followed in 2011.

The fact that Filipinos love to shop on bargains did not make it difficult for to penetrate the Philippine market. Its website is filled to the brim with daily deals at varying levels of discounts – some rock-bottom deals are just too good to pass up. It is no wonder that this daily deals shopping website has managed to keep the buzz going. Internet marketers have a lesson or two to learn from the Philippines experience. Here’s what I picked up:

  1. Find reputable partners. This is something that is true for any endeavor. Heck, it’s true even for personal relationships. You will find that the deals offered at the Philippines website are extended by known establishments. There’s none of the unknown fly-by-night businesses that have caused problems in other discounts and deals websites. Your partners in your internet marketing businesses, whether in the form of guest bloggers or sales affiliates, should be as credible and trustworthy as you want your company, product, or website to be. Be as discriminating about the partners that you choose as you would perhaps in choosing your life partner.
  2. Have a way of effectively capturing your leads. Philippines is a membership online deals shopping website. Customers have to enter their email addresses in order to get access to the daily deals and discounts. Capturing these leads and being able to mine them for future deals, events, and offers is an effective targeting tool for internet marketing initiatives. Note that you should not stop at lead capture alone. You have to devise a way to get more information so you can sort through these leads and direct your offers to those who would be most interested in your offer. You do not send out email blasts for 5 sessions of free math tutorials to a single yuppie.
  3. Advertise in more ways than one. This depends on how much budget you have for advertising. Philippines obviously have some money to spare enough for it to aggressively place their ads in various websites and newsstand publications. Some online shopping sites have deeper advertising budgets and are able to do television advertising as well. For those with limited budgets, there are other low-cost creative ways of advertising your internet marketing business online and offline.

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