Introducing the new Sulit Gold Packages – Levelup your ads! [ Philippines Sulit Sulit ]

Philippines Sulit has recently changed their paid ads scheme similar to popular ppc networks – a bold move but innovative, let’s check out their latest offers.

I’d never miss the opportunity to place ads on Sulit if I were trying to achieve entrepreneurial success. After all, Filipinos visit such a website more than any other listings hub online. Some believe however, that only those willing to spend could tap into Sulit’s true sales-boosting power. There are even those who assume that the most popular sellers on the website continuously avails Gold Packages.

sulit gold packages

Sulit’s custom ad packages. Is there a package which includes a free kiddie meal? =D


The Starter Gold Package

Those running the top-ranked classified ads website truly understand the significance of samplers. I think that this is the main reason why they still offer the Starter Package. To avail of such a marketing plan, it would be necessary to pay 200 pesos. Once paid-up, a member would be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • 20 bids for Sponsored Ads each day throughout an entire month
  • A single repost per month
  • Listing Highlights
sulit sponsored ads

The game has changed – Sponsored ads with highers bids are the ones that will often be visible in the search results. Currently, only 2-4 sponsored ads are being displayed per page.

The first package features maybe far from impressive, but it would help the startup entrepreneur to build a basic online presence in his/her industry. The bundled bid credits could be considered a steal since paying for them on a daily basis would entail costs of up to 600 pesos. Let me explain how it works by giving an example. If I’d want to have one of my listings featured on one of the Sponsored Ad slots, I’d have to place a bid. Unlike the usual bidding concept though, even if I were to put a considerably high bid my advertisement might be thrown in together with non-sponsored listings.

Upon finding out that you’d just be bidding for a chance, such as other popular PPC networks, you’d probably end up disappointed with Sulit’s offering. I should tell you however, that there are two other features to consider: the repost function and the listing highlights. I’d say that the repost perk is only useful if you juggle too many tasks in your hand. I should also tell you that refreshing your ads on a daily basis is an effective way to keep them fresh and visible without spending any extra money on premium features.

Even though you may find that the first two functions of the Starter Package rather lacking, I’d never say the same thing about the third one: ad highlights. Having highlighted advertisements is among the best ways to grab the attention of consumers, especially since the eye usually seeks out images that stand out. Given that the non-bundle price of such a useful service is eight pesos per day, it’d be safe to say that highlights make the Starter Gold Package worth the money.



The Best-Value Gold Package

It’s interesting to see a plan that’s labeled as “best value”. Let’s see what this package contains:

  • 39 bids for Sponsored Ads each day throughout a span of 30 days
  • Two reposts per month, with an interval of 15 days between reposts
  • Banner Ads, with the exposure multiplier set to 1x
  • Featured Ads, with the exposure multiplier set to 2x
  • Ad Highlights

The Best Value Plan is is priced at 1,300 pesos, it’s a must-get for both startups and SME’s. The daily bids will get your ad placements more competitive with two new features: Featured Ads and Banner Ads.

sulit featured ads

Sulit’s featured ads appearing below the search results.


Featured Ads and Banner Ads are the golden nuggets in the package. Despite the fact that text advertisements are shown as template banners, the visual impact is very good as the designs of such sales boosters are undeniably interesting. Your ad will get a lot of pageviews and leads, not to mention the link juice if you point your sulit ad in an external website. The same could be said for the Featured Ads function, although it would a bit more helpful if featured posts are placed at the top of the pages.



The Full-Featured Gold Package

Sulit’s ultimate advertising plan is definitely pricey at 4,000 pesos – But can land a punch. To find out whether this package could be considered a valuable marketing tool, it would be a must to review what’s included in it:

  • 100 Sponsored Ad bids per day for an entire month
  • A total of four reposts throughout 30 days, with a 7-day interval
  • Featured Ads, with the exposure multiplier set at 5x
  • Banner Ads, with the exposure multiplier set at 3x
  • A single shout per hour, throughout a span of 20 hours
  • Listing Highlights

I’d say that these perks are enough to convince the usual agile marketer, spending 4,000 pesos on Sulit’s top-tier package. It’s a wise course of action, especially if you have a lot of competitors

sulit shout ads

Hear ye! Hear ye! The king is selling carpets! 😀

in your niche/keyword. As I’ve made clear in the other parts of this review, the Sponsored Ads, Featured Ads, and Banner Ads, are also nice additionals to the overall package. Other than that, the shout tool is also an impressive weapon for your ad as visitors always tend to check the shoutbox for enticing offers.


Final Verdict for Gold Packages

The Starter Plan, despite being marketed as the most limited of the bunch is actually the true best buy for startups. If you have a lot of competitors or your niche is a bit saturated, you can try to avail of Sulit’s Best-Value and Full-Featured Packages. Nevertheless, if you were to market your products/services through Sulit, don’t forget to optimize your advertisements:

1.) Your headline must catch the attention of your target customers.

2.) Upload pictures of your products or your service so they’ll get an idea of your offer. Ads with pictures generates more leads than those who have not.

3.) Include REAL testimonials of your clients.

4.) Add all the information that the customer wants to see, especially the rates if possible.

5.) If your business has a location, embed a Google Map. Sulit already has a feature for this.

6.) Analyze long tail keywords and incorporate them in your ad for more visibility.

7.) Optimize your content with basic copywriting strategies such as urgency, story-telling, and bulleted advantages – Bundled it with a free offer and you’re good to go.


Overall, the new scheme can help a lot of entrepreneurs and individuals to jumpstart their business using the the discounted packages offered by Sulit. However, if you’re picky, you can always customize how to expose your advertisement. =)


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