a Modern Marketing Triumph

During the very first time that I visited, I really wasn’t that impressed. After all, it looks so “minimalistic”. Upon spending a few minutes to explore the site, I realized something: maybe it is simple-looking by design? Well, given that aims to be a “professional” job search solution, then it would only be appropriate for it to have a “corporate feel”. I just cannot overlook the fact though, that it would still be impossible for such a website to become considerably popular among job hunters just by being online and looking bland. It is at this point, that one word flashed in my mind: marketing.

endless opportunities behind a simple logo

Myriad of Marketing Efforts

Due to “masterful marketing efforts”, managed to become one of the best online recruitment hubs in Asia: proven by the fact that the website remains popular despite its “age”. At this point, you might be thinking as to what is a “masterful marketing effort”. Simply put, not only does “employ” the usual well-placed banner ads, it also makes use of partnerships. If you regularly “surf” at Netopia, you have probably noticed that there are lots of ads on each computer’s “dashboard”. Likewise, the online recruitment website effectively taps into the power of third-party job search engines that scan the web for listings.

The Secret to Online Triumph

It is undeniable that effective marketing strategies, especially towards the common job hunter, are among the main reasons why is so successful. I should probably point out though, that those running the “job search solution” also know a “secret”: paying attention to potential employees is only half of the equation. While browsing, I found out that employers could easily search through resumes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Of course, posting “employee wanted” listings is also an option. Essentially, has “all the bases covered”.

Thoughts about the Technical

As you might expect, the “technical” also contributes to success. Many ask me a certain question in relation this aspect though, are the features of a website really that important in online marketing? Without a doubt, they are. Let me give you an example: a person ends up clicking a banner that leads to and then wastes time looking for the appropriate buttons to click on just to search for a job. If that were the case, then would really fail in “marketing” itself. In reality, the recruitment website boasts a “streamlined interface”, making it possible to find an interesting listing in seconds.

Learning from a True Success

Thinking about the points that we have “talked about” so far, let us reflect on the lessons that such a job search solution “shares”. First of all, when thinking about marketing, it would be a must to “cover all the bases”: don’t just think about your immediate target market, consider the possibility of reaching out to potential partners and other groups of people. Aside from this, you should never overlook the value of a functional website in relation to “proper presentation”; especially since page views are not always synonymous with profits. Indeed, there are lessons to be learned from every success story.

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