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Contests and promotions where prospects and customers can win prizes and get free items always get the attention of people. Whether online or offline, these marketing initiatives are great ways to generate leads and sales. But, you have to have a good offer in order to stir the interest and participation of your target market. The good thing about doing your marketing campaigns and contests online is that you can zoom in to your target market better without spending much of your advertising and marketing budget. Online marketing or internet marketing is a much more cost-effective way of conducting your contests and promotions.

The social networking sites are popular venues for such marketing initiatives nowadays, especially with the increasing number of people in these networks – the Philippines is fast becoming the country with the most number of prolific Facebook users. A Facebook marketing campaign that simply involves customers “liking” your site or post can get you excellent mileage in your target market. With good product and an attractive prize, you can be sure that your site or post will spread like wildfire. What people like about these contests is that they do not have to do anything more than click the “Like” button to get a chance to win a prize.

Engaging your customers in a Facebook “Like” contest is not difficult to implement, even more so when you already have a Facebook account with a considerable number of “friends” or customers in your network. Plan your campaign carefully based on what you intend to achieve – is it simply to spread awareness? Or are you expecting to generate specific sales volume at the end of the campaign?

If your goal is to spread word about your brand or product, a compelling message about what you are offering and a link to your website is all that you need to put up in your wall. Have your customers “Like” your post to get a chance to win a prize in a raffle at the end of your promo period. A more aggressive campaign is to have your customers share your post on their walls for their friends to “Like” as well. The customer with the most number of posts will win the contest and get the prize.

A sales-directed Facebook “Like” campaign will have to be more aggressive and interesting with added offers and perks when they visit your website. Time your contests in such a way that there is something new and interesting to win every so often. Featuring a product every week and running a contest where customers can win that product is a good way to sustain your customers’ interest. Posting tips and information that makes your product valuable to your customers’ everyday life will give your customers more relevant information to “Like” and share with their friends.

Many internet marketers have already proven that a Facebook “Like” campaign is an effective internet marketing tool for increasing awareness and generating sales. Aside from the “front end” part of your Facebook “Like” campaign, however, you have to make sure that your “back end” systems is in place to enable you to capture the leads and measure the results of your internet marketing campaign.

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