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Filipino’s love to talk and exchange ideas about any topic under the sun. This can range from the mundane, to the socio-political, to economic issues, etc. caters to that need for conversation;

…While at the same time provide the blogger or poster with enough anonymity. The idea is simple; register free and then start accessing and posting on the website. It is currently marketed as the “The Biggest Pinoy Online Community”.

The idea behind is sound, but not a novel one. There are plenty of websites that cater to the same need. But why are they not as relevant and trending on the internet as Below are some thoughts regarding the same. TABS

The structure itself is simple enough. You look at the top of your screen and you have eight main tabs. I particularly like the fact that the tabs are not only visible in words but also have helpful icons. But the real genius behind it, in my honest opinion, is it caters to everything we Filipino’s want to discuss. Place your mouse on the main tab and the same will provide you with a more detailed selection. There is no need for that irritating click, wait to refresh, and then click again. By the way, there is also a search tab located at the top middle portion of the site.


Pinoy Exchange Frontpage. Have you ever thought that PEX would be converted to a mag-type website? 😀 Moderators

There are several moderators or administrators and each of them is active. More importantly, they know what they are doing. What exactly is that, well a good moderator can do the following:

  • Control the traffic of information to make sure that it is not offensive or obscene.
  • Rekindle the fire of the conversation when things slow down
  • Make sure that the post is in the proper thread
  • Make sure no content is in violation of any law. This is very important because the last thing a blog site needs is to be suspended or shut down. Advertising

There are many advertisements in the website. I for one do not really like it because it sometimes gets confusing. However, I realize the importance of the same. This is where the website gets some, if not most of its revenues. At the very least I personally think that the advertisements posted are tasteful or content neutral and therefore not offensive or a turn off to netizens. I just do hope that they minimize the amount of ads. Social Media

Linking the site to social media and putting up a landing page is a no brainer. Any website worth its salt knows this. But for some reason, some do not link.


My Critique

This is a case review, and no review will be complete without a few prods. For this website I find little fault. At most, I find it too cluttered with advertisements, especially those on the header. Sometimes I close the tab because I fail to recognize that it is


In Closing is a solid idea that has been executed almost to perfection. It found a gap in the market and then filled it up to the satisfaction of its members. That is exactly what one should do. Find another gap! Do not be content with following thru with ideas that have been beaten to a pulp.

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