Some Flash Animation Ideas to WOW your Website Visitors: What Flash Animation Can and Cannot Do for You

Do you want to make your website more eye-catching and interactive? If you’re going to ask me, using Macromedia Flash animations would be a perfect way to do this and it is considered as one of the best tools that will help appeal to the taste of your website visitors, giving them more reasons to return to your website. In my opinion, it is not only the content that makes them crave for more. Partly, the visual appeal makes your website more memorable.

I will be discussing what a flash animation can and cannot do for you. Aside from increasing your website’s visual appeal and giving it the wow factor, what else should you know in order to maximize Flash animations’ use?

What Flash Web Design Can Do for your Website

  1. With the help of Flash, you can apply your creativity. Your ideas can be executed well with the help of the outstanding animation. As a website visitor myself, I find website introduction more interesting if it is done via flash rather than with the conventional and text-heavy article. Also, it can help in making your website more attractive and more inclined to the arts.
  2. Flash animation can increase website traffic website by leaps and bounds but you have to incorporate local color into it. For example, if your target audience is mostly from the Philippines, it will be helpful if you will be incorporating colors, elements, and situations that Filipinos can relate to.
  3. Creating and posting Flash animation is very easy. Once you post it, it can be viewed using any browser. There is no need to install a different browser or upgrade the one that you are currently using. You have to take advantage of this fact. This is actually your opportunity to embellish your otherwise boring and monotonous website layout.
  4. Google recognizes Flash technology. This will be a plus once your website has been indexed or evaluated by Google, the leading search engine.

What Flash Web Design Cannot Do for your Website

  1. Flash technology and animations may be pleasing to the eyes but it is not part of what’s being indexed by other search engines. According to my research, other search engines recognize text only so Flash animations may not be able to help you to rank higher.
  2. Loading of the Flash animation can be quite problematic, especially if the file is quite big or the internet connectivity of your visitors is limited. Tip: Keep your animation simple and small so that this will not be a problem. The file does not have to be large to be attractive enough.
  3. Flash animation can be quite annoying if overused. Personally, I do not like it if every single page of a website has one. Aside from the fact that it uses up resources like bandwidth, it can also be annoying to some people.
  4. You should not rely on visuals provided by Flash. It is always better if you know how integrate good content to it.

With these Flash animation ideas and tips, I hope that you can apply the principles so that you can truly wow your website visitors.

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