The Manila Boys thread @ Warrior Forums

There’s a thread in WF where people engaged in LOCAL internet marketing share tips and ideas about what they do.

It’s just like any other online forum except that the topics primarily center on how to do internet marketing and other allied activities. The Manila Boys Mastermind Group at the Warrior Forum was an interesting read. The thread has apparently been around for over five years – I would imagine that a lot of members have come and gone through the years. Still clueless about what the site was all about, I did my own digging about its recent past. So here goes:

The Warrior Forum is an online site about how to make money online. Internet users can register for free to access and participate in the various forums or Mastermind Groups. Making money through the forum is possible in several ways. The first one is by going through the forums and getting information about various ways to do internet marketing. This, however, takes some time as you have to process the information yourself and adjust it to your own circumstances.

Another way through which you can make money through the Warrior Forum is to put your links in your forum signature. Every time you post something in the forums, your signature will be displayed so that your readers or fellow forum members can click on them to be taken to your websites. I came across a list of signature rules that restrict clickable links to the members’ own websites — this rules out affiliate links and links to other sales websites.

A so-called user “rapidscc” started the thread a few years back. This thread is the largest mastermind group in Warrior Forum.


Promoting your own services in the Warrior for Hire section and putting up ads is also another way to make money in the forum website. Some of the members sell products in Warrior Special Offer events from time to time. I have seen these tips given on the Manila Boys Mastermind Group too. The members of the Manila Boys thread are internet marketers of various specializations. There are programmers, website developers, SEO newbies, and content writers among others.

It’s a homey feel at the Manila Boys thread with most active posters being Filipinos. Aside from the moneymaking benefits offered by the Warrior Forum, you can use the thread to source local talents for your own internet marketing initiatives. Web designers and SEO experts can team up with forum members who are into content writing and article distribution, for example. Being able to share new IM trends and discuss their impact to IM practitioners in the country is also another advantage of the Manila Boys thread. Although IM basically transcends geographical boundaries, the tools and equipment that are used by Filipino internet marketers are still driven by local conditions.

Generous as Filipinos naturally are, I saw several posts where forum members are helping out another who is just starting in internet marketing. It was a consultation of sorts that this newbie got, enough to get him going in the right direction with his first solo contract. Enterprising as Filipinos are, I am sure that many will be able to get valuable information and contacts from the Manila Boys thread. There is even talk about putting up an exclusive Filipino IM forum – it would be interesting to see how this progresses.

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