The New Multiply – Case Review

Multiply used to be a popular social networking site where people share their photos, videos, and blogs with their friends and families.

Hello eBay… is that you? 😀

At one point, it was able to have 11 million registered users. It was especially popular among Asian countries where enterprising users started utilizing it as their online storefront where they are able to post various items for sale for free. While the number of members using the site purely for social networking purposes only stagnated, the number of enterprising users who use the site for ecommerce s on the rise and their online ventures were thriving. This was particularly the case for Multiply, Philippines, which perhaps prompted the management to re-engineer Multiply into a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers get to meet and transact business online for free.


As per a letter sent by Jack Madrid, Multiply Country Manager for the Philippines to its members, by December 1, 2012, the site will no longer support its social networking features and instead give its full support to their already thriving community of entrepreneurs. This means by photo sharing and blogging will no longer be supported by that time.


This may be a logical and highly practical move by Multiply. And the move may have been triggered by the fact that Face book has completely dominated the social networking scene and it is futile to remain forever at its coat tails. Besides, it already has a thriving community of entrepreneurs under its fold. And as far as the Philippines is concerned, it will be up against less formidable local competitors. The shift of their emphasis to ecommerce makes it a giant against the locals instead of being a dwarf against Facebook.


The move however raised some howl from loyal users who have been with Multiply since its inception and have been using it purely for social networking purposes. They have vowed to resist the changeover. But their numbers have been shrinking while the number of individual entrepreneurs using Multiply is on the rise.


The new multiply promises to make e-commerce easy for both the buyers and the sellers in the Philippines. Considering that Filipinos are inherently enterprising, they will definitely welcome the idea of having a free online marketplace where they can peddle or purchase their wares. Without a doubt, people, especially in the Philippines are still wary of making online purchases from overseas suppliers because of fear for online fraud and the difficulty of resolving issues with foreign suppliers. Being a local marketplace, Multiply lessens this fear since any aggrieved party can easily run after any errant buyer or seller.


Promising to be an awesome marketplace, the New Multiply will feature a new look with cool new features and shopping convenience that will surely be a new whole experience. The new additions will include special sections for featured products, featured sellers, best selling items, and new listings. It will also be easier to set up your online shop with the new Multiply .


For those who want to make money online but do not have the resources, skill and the time to set up their own business web site, the new Multiply offers the best solution for them.

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