Top 10 iPhone Apps Every Webmaster Should Have In 2013

Nowadays, a webmaster has to be able to optimize a site for viewing on different platforms. This includes desktop/laptop pc’s, tablets, smart phones, etc.

Make sure to keep yourself up to date with the best apps on a regulator basis.

Make sure to keep yourself up to date with the best apps on a regulator basis.

Take for example, the iPhone. As a webmaster and an iPhone owner myself, I make sure to keep myself up to date with the best apps on a regulator basis. This is not only for my enjoyment but also as reference whenever a client brings up the topic of optimization for hand held devices. Below are my top 10:


  1. Chartbeat: Allows you to view the user statistics of your website/blog site. This is especially helpful when you want to determine your record highs and record lows. For only $9.99, it can be worth it or not worth it depending on how you set up the app and then utilize the data collected to better your web traffic.


  1. Domain Scout: Allows you to keep tabs on available and unavailable domains. This is particularly useful if you are a webmaster on the go and frequently get requests from clients to add more domains on the spot. Remember, with the rate websites are being put up, a few seconds can mean the difference between a domain name that is yours or another’s.


  1. HTML Writer: I have two things to say about this App. The first is that you can edit your HTML page on the go via email. Second, is that it costs only $2.99. Nuff said!


  1. HTML Cheat Sheet: More often than I would like to admit, I have this HTML code in mind but I can’t seem to complete it. It wouldn’t be a problem if I were in the office with all my files. But some problems arise when I am at home. With this nifty App, I open up my iPhone and I am the hero!


  1. jQuery Cheat Sheet: A veritable library of JavaScript at the palm of your hands. A nifty tool to have when you are developing stuff on your free time.


  1. Pingdom: Allows you to get live updates on your website. When bandwidth gets low and ping takes the longest time you instantly get an alert of your choice, i.e. sms, email, tweet, etc.


  1. SEO It: One of my tasks as a webmaster is to ensure the content is properly optimized. Now, because I have a lot of more pressing things to do and I want to get this over with as soon as possible. I check optimization on my iPhone.


  1. Web Source Viewer: I just enter a website URL and this app collects nifty information relevant to the same. This includes but is not limited to viewing the HTML, IP address, ranking, etc.


  1. WordPress 2: I like this app for two reasons. The first is because it’s free. And the second because it allows me to manage my blog during my coffee break on my iPhone to boot.


  1. CliqCliq Colours: You open your website on your iPhone and the background color ain’t right. Your first option is to leave it until you get to the office. Or, if you are like me, you play around with color combinations on your iPhone.
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