WeeMall Case Review

Stand back Sulit.com.ph, WeeMall is Philippines online shopping hotspot right now.  Find out why.

Well, you really can’t compare the two since Sulit is basically like Classified Ads, but there’s no question that WeeMall IS a mall situated in a virtual world. The mall was started by online shoppers who wanted a shopping mall that covers all the products they want purchased.

The flexible paying options and countrywide delivery was also thought up by the shoppers, allowing them to purchase the products they need in a manner they want. According to their site, Weemall is a product of Oxford Distributions Inc.


Secret to Success – Marketing

Weemall’s marketing strategy is pretty good – perhaps even better than land-based stores. One of the things you’ll notice is their loyalty program that gives members several perks and bonuses that you just don’t find in some malls today. They’ve got these monthly specials, which mean that clients do not have to wait a long time in order to get discounts for their desired purchases.

Possibly one of the top reasons why Weemall is thriving is due to the fact that they’re based online. Sure, this might mean lots of competitors for the Philippine market, but the fact is that they’re one of the few that carries a comprehensive list of products. Weemall managed to take advantage of the low cost it takes to maintain a virtual real estate compared to a brick and mortar one. Hence, unlike other shopping malls, they were able to give whopping discounts and sales that are just not available in other shopping centres today.

Website Advantages and Disadvantages

Obviously, the main advantage of this particular shopping mall is the convenience. Imagine NOT having to commute in order to buy the latest gadgets, clothes and other stuff you might suddenly feel like buying. Instead, the items will be delivered right to your doorstep. The website’s also pretty comprehensive, offering a wide array of products for a complete shopping experience. The domain itself is also easy to navigate which is a plus for shoppers.

The main problem I can see though is the security of buying online. Sure, Weemall has put up all the security measures possible to protect the clients, but it’s really hard to dispel online hacking scares from consumers. Weemall uses credit cards for their transactions. Other than that, the online shopping mall is wonderfully polished and even has a speedy delivery system considering that they cater to the Philippines as a whole.

Weemall Verdict

Considering all factors, it’s safe to say that Weemall’s marketing efforts are well thought of and well planned. They recognized the strength of their position and took advantage of that to get a bigger share of the market. This is something small and medium online business owners should definitely remember. Prior to just blasting marketing efforts left and right, it’s always best to first assess your position first and who are the people you are hoping to sell from. Only after a business has done this will they be in the position to offer different sale boosters such as discounts and bonuses.


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