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Without a doubt, the number of mobile users not only in the Philippines but around the world is rising exponentially.  With mobile gadgets and devices, you will find people connecting to their friends and other contacts all over the globe via chat or through other modes of communication as provided by the digital world.

Taking Advantage of Mobile Website Technology

Taking Advantage of Mobile Website Technology

I must say that this presents a lot of opportunities for us, mobile marketers. All businesses, including the one you own, should definitely consider setting up a mobile version of your website.  People today are always on-the-go and you want them to be able to access your business anytime, anywhere.  In the Philippines alone, there are more than 80 million mobile users nationwide that you can tap for your mobile marketing campaigns.

If you do not already have a mobile version of your website, it’s time to think about having one.  Read on and check out the advantages of a mobile website.

Mobile Websites Can Be Accessed by Everyone

Simple branding principles tell us that if a certain product is accessible, more people are likely to avail of it.  Having a mobile website will keep you top-of-mind in your customers’ consciousness.  Your mobile application will be your ticket to keeping in constant contact with the people who are most likely to buy your products or avail of your services.

A Mobile Website is Very Easy to Develop and Launch

If you want to set up and launch your very own mobile website that can be accessed by mobile gadget users anytime and anywhere, then you should try the free tool being offered by Google. Yes, even I was surprised by this offer by Google. You no longer have to hire an expert just to design and convert your old website. Now, you can do it yourself. Because the free tool is from Google, it is ready for integration in the Google Analytics. It means that your website will automatically be indexed and included in Google search.

Mobile Websites Drive Traffic to your Original Website

Based on my personal experience with a mobile website, it is indeed an effective complement to your online website.  No matter how simple your mobile website may seem, it can definitely help in improving the traffic of your original website in the traditional platform. A mobile website is surely an effective launch pad for your other platforms – including those embedded in the social networking websites.

Taking Advantage of Mobile Website Technology

To sum it up, the following are the most impressive advantages that you can derive from launching your website’s mobile version:

  • Instant customer connection through any smartphone model and any browser
  • Easy navigation and quick access
  • Improved search indexing and easy-build tools from Google
  • Quick information in a single glance, without any of the distracting elements on the sidelines

I have reaped the rewards from setting up my own mobile website.  The enhanced accessibility of my marketing website has been converted to improved traffic.  Ultimately, this has boosted my products’ total sales. If you want to reap the same level of success, consider launching your own mobile website today.

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